Best At-Home Exercises For Weight Loss and Body Toning!

Here are the best at-home exercises for weight loss and body toning. Not only are these easy and quick, but the results are far superior to anything you can get from working out at a gym.

At-Home Exercises for Weight Loss

1. Mini-trampoline jumping

This exercise works the whole body and you don’t need to do it for 15-30 minutes straight like exercises at the gym (treadmill, elliptical, stairstepper). The best way to lose weight from this is using it as a “METABOLISM BOOSTER” by doing it for 2 minutes every so often.

So its perfect if you’re busy. When you’re at home, just jump on it during 2 minute TV commercials. You do watch TV, don’t ya? Awesome… I give you permission to enjoy watching TV, but use at least 10 of those commercials to jump on the mini-trampoline. You get a full workout (20 minutes) and you do it in mini-workout fashion… which helps boost your metabolism even more than when you do your whole workout all at once.

2. For body toning, focus on hula hooping

This will tone the waist and hips better than pretty much any other exercise. If you’re a woman who is looking for a nice feminine waistline, you gotta do some hula hooping. It’s quick and easy… and yields incredible toning results.

I have 2 suggestions… get a bigger than normal hula hoop and make sure it’s weighted. This makes it easier to use. Then go about hula hooping for 10 minutes everyday. Perhaps you can do something like a minute on the mini-trampoline and follow it up with 1 minute of hula hooping during commercials.

These are 2 at-home exercises for weight loss and toning that are fast becoming really popular with busy people due to the great results and convenience.