Do You Exercise For Weight Loss?

Do you know that sometimes in the year 2003 it was reported that obesity costs the world a whooping sum of $75 billion to treat collectively? Do you want to spend your life saving on treating obesity when there are other many things you can use your money to do? Why not start tackling your obese problems today? Do you know that if you take a regular exercise for weight loss, you soon will achieve results?

Now, with the growing acceptance on the preventive medicine coupled with the ever increasing cost of health care would you not rather agree with me that exercising to lose your weight is one of the very few options left for to consider in other to check that weight problem of yours?

Yes, exercise will not only be of great help to those suffering from weight problems but also aid in burning calories which is hitherto stored in your body. But there are some things I will like you to take note before you start your exercise for weight loss program, one is that your wanting to lose weight is not primarily because you want to please anybody, but only because you want to please yourself.

Another is that exercise for weight Loss is different from exercise for already fit people. You must make permanent changes in your lifestyle and health habits to lose significant weight and keep it off. Exercise for weight loss is your goal, you should exercise longer.

Here are some tips for your exercise program

1. Have a 30-minute brisk walk four days a week; you can increase the walking to 45 minutes as time goes on.

2. And if that may seem impossible because of your office works then try to take the longest walking route to get to your class or office as a form of exercise for weight loss.

3. Health experts say that healthy eating which includes counting calories and a low fat diet are essential for long-term healthy weight loss, so eat foods that will help you.

4. Do weight-lifting exercises that bring the weights toward the body and do not hurt.

5. Cutting back on calories is easier if you focus on limiting sugar and other refined carbohydrates and some types of fat.

More importantly, I will want you to know that you didn’t get all that weight in your body in one day so you might want to take things slow as they come, a healthy weight loss occurs slowly and steadily.