Easy Exercise For Weight Loss – Simplify Your Weight Loss Strategy

When people hear the phrase “exercise for weight loss”, they usually think it is going to mean hard work. But it is much safer to start with easy exercise for weight loss. If you haven’t been exercising regularly for a long time, starting out with a complex exercise routine will do you more harm than good.

Recently it has been discovered that small amounts of exercise throughout the day is very beneficial to both health and weight loss. So that’s good news for everyone who thinks they hate exercise. If you take a different approach, you might even discover you enjoy it.

Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is one of the best exercises for health and also for weight loss and the good news is that it’s totally free. You don’t need to fork out for an expensive gym membership and you don’t need to buy any special clothes. As long as you have loose, comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes, you are all set to go.

You can start out by just walking small distances and then gradually increase this until you are walking for about thirty minutes three times a week or more.

If you are very busy and can’t make time for regular exercise sessions, just incorporate a bit of walking into your daily routine. Leave the car at home if you are going a short distance, or park a few blocks away from your destination.

Spring Clean the House

Not many of us really like housework, but it has to be done. So why not decide to give the place a spring clean (or any other seasonal clean). You don’t have to do it all at once, but a few sessions of proper cleaning, including the windows, under the beds and behind the cupboards will burn off a few calories. And you’ll have the added bonus of feeling extremely virtuous afterwards. And of course, you’ll have a clean house.

Spend Some Time Outdoors with the Family or Friends

This will make exercise a lot more fun. You can play games in the park with the kids or with your friends. Kicking a ball around or having a game of rounders can burn up calories without feeling like hard work. If you can make exercise fun, you’ll be much more willing to do it. And it has the added advantage of giving you more time with your children, partner or friends. And it’s good for them too.